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Peter Cordens talent as photographer and graphic designer, and his perspective on life give his work a distinctive
and singular signature. This unique perspective and his love for the game of golf led Peter to conceiving "Golf is Art”.

A continuing series of work, "Golf is Art” takes the world of golf and transforms it into photographic essays that uncovers
the artistic nature of the game. Peter’s graphic design has served the commercial needs of his many clients magazines,
Golf Digest and many more magazines feature Peter’s photography work on a regular basis. In addition, his photographic
prints adorn the walls of businesses and golf clubhouses. Highly acclaimed hand painted renderings
of his images hang on the walls of some of the most prestigious public buildings and private homes.

A collection of Sweden’s most scenic golf courses called "The Swedish Golf Experience” was published in 2007.
The book, with text in English by Gene Oberto, highlights the natural beauty of the Swedish countryside as only Peter can. 
Peter Corden lives in Stockholm with his wife and twin daughters.

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Read english version