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Why images will increase your business


An investment in photography will enhance the way your business is presented.
Having a proven positive impact on consumers, professional photography is one
of the most important aspects in your marketing.

Images used in print and digital marketing items will have a long-lasting and positive
effect on your marketing campaign. Publications and other media outlets now require
professional photography to be included in advertisng and articles.
Peter Corden has been featured in publishing and advertising around the world.
His photography includes resort and travel destinations, lifestyle, architectural
images, spas, food and dining, but most of all golf courses.

Corden Vision provides photography of the highest standard for travel and resort
destinations, as well as golf facilities.

What makes your golf course or resort different from the thousands of other courses around the world? 

It is not surprising that it is much easier to show a circle than to try to describe it.

Images, however, go directly into a person’s long-term memory where they are indelibly etched. 
That is why the images created by Peter Corden solve the difficulty of telling guests or clients what
makes your golf course or resort special.

His photos have enhanced the reputations of golf courses all over Europe and Asia.
Let Corden Vision take what is your mind’s eye and transfer it to print or files. The next time someone asks,
  "What’s so special about your course?”, the only words you’ll need to say are, "Here, take a look.”
Derek Schade, GM:  "Since Peter Corden photographed Lotus Valley
near Bangkok, yearly rounds have increased by 24% and revenue
has grown by 32%.
- Our Marketing Department thanks you for making us look so good"

Bob Fagan , Contributing Editor - The A Position
Peter Corden's photography is world-class exciting incorporating great golf values and amazing beauty. They all invariably prompt me to want to visit his subjects. I heartily recommend him!

Make contact today : peter@corden.se  or + 46 70 733 32 02